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Triveni Glazers Pvt Ltd.

We present ourselves as one of the renowned names in fabrication of glazing activities.keeping in mind the technological up-gradation and with an ever growing and esthetic need of architects for beautiful elevations we have been delivering the dreams of architects come true and becoming the one stop shop for varied requirements all under one roof.


uPVC Windows can transform your home with a number of performance and maintenance benefits. Discover the potential with TriCraft uPVC today!

Comparision between Wood, Aluminium & uPVC

Window Type Wooden Aluminium Tricraft uPVC Windows
Cost High Cost Low to Mid Cost Suits all Budget Low to High
Maintenance Maintenance Intensive Not Mainteainable Vertually Maintenance Free
Corrosion Termite & Rot Attacks Corrosive No Corrosion or Termite Attack
Weather Proofing Leaks & Droughts Leaks, Droughts & Wind Rattle No Leaks, No Droughts,No Rattle, Self -Draining
Sound Proofing Average Subject to Wind Noise Poor Subject to all Noises Excellent Sound Proofing
Thermal Efficiency Excellent Poor Excellent Thermal Efficiency
Ease of Operation Difficult if not Maintained Not Smooth Smooth/ Easy Gliding Action
Insect Screen Optional Optional or Included Included with Sliding Many Options
Warranty None None 10 Years
Termites/Worms/Fungus Affected by Termites extreme un-repairable damages to wood Affected by Fungi No Harm
Water Resistance Water causes extreme un-repairable to wood 80% - 92% 95% - 100%
Installation Complicated -using Lugs Simple Anchor Fasteners Simple Anchor Fasteners
Sound Insulation Poor Good Excellent



    Opening inwards or outwards, with the help of a sash that is fixed on the outer frame, Casement Windows have certain uses where others may not come in use. Rational and Efficient, designed to complement your home, no matter what the style be; these are the most popular in the uPVC window categories. Tough material used to make these windows maintenance -free.

  • uPVC Doors and Windows

    Amalgamating creativity, aesthetics and sustainability coupled with the foresightedness of originators and innovators, TriCraft brings forth its range of UPVC doors and windows conformed to the stringent international benchmarks. A rare combination of strength and durability that can withstand a wide range of temperatures with exquisite style places.

    uPVC Features

     High weather resistance
     High UV stability
     High impact resistance
     High thermal stability
     Fire Resistance
     Corrosion resistance
     Heat Resistance
     Controls water vapourflow
     Controls condensation
     Maintenance Free
     Controls solar and other radiation
     Controls sound transmission
     Prevents forced entry
     Provides strength and rigidity
     Asthetic Appeal
     Controls rain and snow penetration


    The Slide N Fold doors system provide superior operating performance and smooth integration into any architectural style and space. The door systems are engineered using superior hinge and locking systems that are reliable and secure. The rollers along which the doors slide, offer a smooth glide and reliable performance with solid design and expert engineering.


    There are two window frames that slide horizontally on tracks from left or right. The door panels are specially designed for maximum viewing area, and strength to withstand daily use. Mainly are used for big size partition door solution or big windows in rigorous surroundings.


    Tilt N Slide doors offer the ultimate protection for your home. Following the European perception of tilting and sliding the door sash, our doors permit the functionality of a dual compression seal, which provides outstanding insulation from both dust and noise while giving the utmost ventilation and glass expanse. The doors keep your living space secure and grant privacy as well.


    TriCraft's high -quality profiles, embellished with appropriate glazing obtain the optimum results through sophisticated multi chambered profile technology that reduce transmission of heat.

    The highly efficacious sealing system raises the insulating performance of the framed product, preventing 'leakage' of air. Thermal insulation implies that in summer, loss of cool air from the interior is slightest and in winters the warm air is trapped inside, effectively maintaining room temperature, and reducing power consumption.


    Tilt N Turn provides maximum design freedom due the large opening sizes that can be achieved and suits any window replacement program or building type in the construction industry. The system is designed for the production of inward opening windows that provide a tilt option for secure ventilation and that accept a full range of hardware in -line with latest European standards used, and meeting all the latest product testing standards.


    A combination of style, substance and security. TriCraft Grill Windows provide a twin sash, a bug mesh and a grill built into the system. The windows are crafted specifically for Indian conditions to protect you from insects and theft without sacrificing ventilation, while providing all the standard benefits of a casement window, making it a complete solution for Indian homes.
     Fusion welded frame and corners ensure strength
     Multi -point locking system for total security