• Are they durable?

    Yes, absolutely! uPVC is rigid in nature and is best considered as a substitute to aluminium and wood.

  • Are they suitable with every temperature?

    Yeah, it is perfect for all climates. Shows all properties of thermal, water, and wind resistance.

  • Does it come with added warranty?

    Yes! With a warranty of 10 years, it's solid texture and design gives it a long term durability.

  • Do they provide security?

    Depends on the situation. Mostly they are unbreakable at the time of robberies, complemented with a high tensile strength of toughened glass engraved inside it.

  • Do they require maintenance?

    No maintenance is required.

  • Is it customisable?

    uPVC is an eco-friendly product. It can be further remoulded and customised into other types. Suppose a transition from sliding to casement window. But it should only be done under professional guidance.