About Triveni Glazers

We present ourselves as one of the renowned names in fabrication of glazing activities. Keeping in mind the technological up-gradation and with an ever growing and aesthetic need of architects for beautiful elevations, we have been delivering the dreams of architects come true and becoming the one stop shop for varied requirements all under one roof.

Incorporated ourselves with the name of "Triveni Glazers" back in 2004, we first started with glass trading (float and laminated) and fabricated aluminum composite panels and window frames for B2C clients. With an initial workforce of four men under our wing, we went on to achieve endeavors of success with our limited capacity and constant willpower. After enjoying its golden run in 2007, the company expanded its product line into toughened glass, a variant with a niche, rich market in both residential and commercial workspaces. Trading activity of toughened glass was largely successful due to the product's extensive demand in market, complemented by its unique product quality and lustrous design.

Our transition from sole proprietorship to a private limited company happened in 2011, and henceforth, business started gaining pace and popularity amidst a recovering Indian economy during the said period. In order to bring forth additional effectiveness and efficiency into the system, we went on to utilize 100% capacity output by on boarding extra men in our workforce and opened a fabrication unit in 2015. Moving from Glass and Aluminum to uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride), we witnessed a growing demand for an entirely unique building material in the Indian market, and which was undoubtedly beating the likes of its substitutes for a few selective customers. Being a highly recommended product in residential homes and commercial establishments, uPVC has been gaining its market share and steadily advancing towards both Tier-1 and Tier-2 parts of the Indian subcontinent.

"Triveni Glazers" stands forth with an aim to exemplify an image of "TriCraft uPVC Doors and Windows" in the Maharashtrian market. With its latest fabrication unit present in Karjat (Navi Mumbai), it stands as our responsibility to solve customer problems and tap into a market with an existing demand for customers who adore choosing exclusive products and services delivered in an affordable price range.


"To become a leader in providing solutions to architectural designs using world class technology, thus assuring trust and reliability to our customers."


"To build a concrete market position in the glass and fenestration industry across Mumbai-Pune region by 2025."

Core Competencies

Product Standardization, Trust and Reliability, Customer Service, and Confidence